Mrs Susan had fixed up a meeting with Mr. Green regarding the new business orders at 5.00 PM. The same day, she got a flat tire (car breakdown) and stuck on the side of the road, she reached late because she got help after 6.00 PM and she lost the deal. If she would have a contact number of a nearest towing company, she would not have missed the deal.

Keeping the contact information in your cell phone plays a significant role when you are facing a vehicle breakdown or with an inactive vehicle, a flat tire and out of fuel or gas.

Low Cost Towing Inc is the renowned towing company helping many individuals in Surrey and its surrounding areas with its professional and affordable towing services. Our towing services comprise tow trucks, vehicle winching out and flatbed trucks to get your vehicle to nearest automobile shop or at the location wherever you want.

Here are the vehicle breakdowns that you may face and cases in which you may need a towing professional.

  1. Car Jump Start or Battery Boost: In this condition, your car would not start because your car may have battery down. To resolve this issue, you just need an active battery to boost your car’s battery and cables. You should not do that yourself if you are not aware about how to boost a battery. You may need a towing service for boost the battery of the car
  2. Out of fuel, Gas or Diesel: By reading the title, you may be understood what the condition is. You may be out of fuel due to leakage or you forget about the filling up fuel. You just need a towing company which offers on side fuel deliver services.
  3. Flat Tire: In this condition, you may not drive because you have a flat tire. So you may need a towing company who deliver spare wheels or on site tire puncturing services.
  4. Car Lockout: In this condition, you may have forgotten your keys inside the car. And would not able to enter into car because you don’t have the keys. So that you may need a towing expert who help you in getting the keys.
  5. Mechanical Problems: In this condition, you car may have mechanical problem so It is not working. So you may need a tow truck to tow your car to nearest automobile shop.
  6. Scrap Removal: In this condition, you may have old car in your parking lot or private garage. You want to remove that junk to nearest scrap shop. So you may need towing services to remove that junk.
  7. Vehicle Relocations: To relocate your vehicle from one location to another, cross cities and countries, you may need towing company which offers local or long distance towing.

Here are the top conditions in which you may need a towing company. If you are living or visiting Surrey or its surrounding areas and facing one of vehicle breakdown from the listed, you may call us at +1-604-817-9292. We will be there in 15 to 20 minutes.