Affordable Towing Company in Burnaby, BC

Affordable Towing Company in Burnaby, BC

Burnaby, located at the east of Vancouver, is third largest city (population wise) in Canadian province of British Columbia. Burnaby is voted as best run city of Canada in 2009. The city offers a great place to live, learn and work. And the city can be accessed through all major roads including Highway #1, the Laughed Highway, Canada Way, Hastings Street and Marine Way.

The city has largest shopping mall and biggest food court in Canada. Most of Canadians love to visit and drive through Burnaby. Towing services are also trending in the city of Burnaby. People ever get stuck on the side of roads with inactive cars and other vehicles while visiting or drive through Burnaby.

Since 2001, Low Cost Towing Inc and its team of licensed drivers and technicians have been servicing Burnaby and its surrounding cities. Vehicle breakdowns and road accidents can happen with you anytime and anywhere. No matter you ran out of petrol, gas or diesel or you forget keys inside the car, we are able to resolve any type of vehicle breakdown in Burnaby.

We’re a team of licensed drivers and towing experts and do awesome jobs in Burnaby. To know more about us read our customer reviews or testimonials.

In addition to towing your vehicles and roadside assistance, we also provide vehicle transportation in Burnaby area. So, whenever you feel that you stuck on the side of road and need help. Just call us at +1 604 817 9292. We are just a phone call away.