Safety Tips for Breakdowns and Roadside Emergencies

Nowadays, Roadside safety is often considered as major concern in every country because of booming automotive industries and death rate growth through accidents. And people also started involving in roadside awareness activities. Right now current rate of Canada is 5.86/100,000. We, at Low Cost Towing Inc, are going to share some useful tips that help you in preventing vehicle breakdowns and road accidents.

  1. Plan your trip: Planning is one of the most important things that make successful businesses as well as journeys or trips. Whenever you decided to go anywhere, just plan your routes, where you are going, where you will stay, and when you will back, plan everything. It will give mind a peace and ensure you that you have sufficient time to take rest. The cause of most accidents is tired and sleepy drivers. Always remember, whenever you think about going anywhere for long drive, make sure you have had sufficient rest. Do not drive if you do not feel well.We recommend take a powernap during the journey, it restore your mental alertness and can save lives.
  1. Always listen your body: If you’ve decided to go for a long drive, make sure that you’re ready for that. If you feel achy or tight muscle while driving, we recommend stop you car on the side of road. Take some physical exercises such as jogging. Stretch your muscles and take deep breaths. You may feel sore arms, back, shoulders and legs while driving for a long time. Taking 15 minutes physical exercises can improve blood flow and alertness in your body.
  2. Try to change your way of driving towards the road conditions: If you have years of experience in driving, you will automatically change your way of driving according to road conditions. If you don’t change your way of driving, you may get an accident.Here are few tips that help you in changing the way of driving:

    In case of heavy rain, storm and snowfall, we recommend drive slowly, keep distance from other vehicles and turn your hazards lights on.

    In case of tire puncture, engine problem or you ran out of fuel, first of call the nearest towing company and wait for help. Park your car at safe place, do not park on a bend or  blind spots, Turn your hazards on and put safety triangles in front and back of your vehicle.

    If you stuck at the wild area, we recommend stay in car until the help arrives.

Bonus Tip: Keep your vehicle well maintained with regular services. It can minimize the risks of vehicle breakdowns.

In case of roadside emergencies in Surrey, BC or surrounding areas, Call Low Cost Towing Inc. We will happy to help you.

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