The Most Common Causes of Car Breakdown

A vehicle breakdown wastes too much money and time, and at times it becomes so irritating that you can’t handle it. Do you have any idea of these breakdowns? Your poor driving skills and maintenance may be the reason for the breakdown. At Low Cost Towing Inc, we have been dealing with different vehicle problems of different models and company. We address to some common reasons of breakdown while dealing with the customers. You can avoid vehicle breakdown once you go through this post.

  1. Using an Old and Faulty Battery: Your car breakdown can be caused due to faulty or old battery. You need to do certain things if you want to avoid car breakdown with battery.
    • Have a check on your electrical connections
    • Your battery should be clean, neat and dry
    • Don’t discharge them
    • After certain period of time replace them.
  2. Locked out Car: Another cause of car breakdown is when you lose your car keys or leave them inside. In order to prevent thefts electronic chips are encrypted in the cars keys i.e. transponder keys. You have to contact your authorized dealers in case you lose them. Your bad luck or irresponsible behavior can be the reason of this. In order to prevent this be sure of following things:
    • Keep another key with you in your pocket
    • Before you leave your car check your keys
    • Don’t share keys with kids
  3. Flat Tire or Tire Puncture: The next common issue of care breakdown is flat tire or tire puncture. Having tubeless tires doesn’t mean you can escape from this problem.

    Follow the following steps to avoid this problem:

    • Before leaving your house check the pressure in the tires
    • Spare wheel is important to be in your car
    • Don’t share keys with kids
  4. Fuel: The next common issue of car breakdown is going out of fuel. This can happen at any point of time. Keep a constant check on your fuel gauge because this can be a reason of your irresponsible behavior. Most of the times, this happens because in a rush we ignore about it.
  5. Overheating: The other common problem of car breakdown is overheating. Stuck thermostat, leakage in cooling systems, clogged radiator, faulty water pump and cooling fan are some reasons for the overheating of the car. Maintain your car on time so that your care doesn’t heat up easily.
  6. Electrical Faults: The last but not the least common problem is the failing of the electrical components. The poor maintenance of car battery and wiring is the reason of this issue. Timely maintaining them can solve this issue only.

While going out with your vehicle or car they can be the problems that you may face, so be prepared in advance.

2 thoughts on “The Most Common Causes of Car Breakdown

  • I think the only two reasons my car has ever broken down was because of a bad alternator, battery problem, and fuel problems. I never ran out of fuel, my fuel pump just failed. In any case, these repairs aren’t all that hard to get fixed. It is just a little stressful wondering what is wrong with your car. It is nice to know that most of the time it is a simple fix and it won’t take much time to fix once you are towed to a shop.

  • The most common reason I have heard for breakdowns is definitely lack of fuel. I have a few friends that this happens to all the time. I guess they just get a rush out of seeing how long they can go without fueling up. That is, until they need to get their car towed or to bring them fuel.

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